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Saltire Motorcycles

Alba Customs has been borne out of Saltire Motorcycles and is the brainchild of Managing Director Calum Murray. Saltire Motorcycles have been trading now for over a decade and Alba Customs is here to create a trading style that offers a grass roots, old school experience with 21stcentury quality, technology and assurance.



553B Gorgie Road

EH11 3XX




Tel: 01314786661

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Tuesday to Saturday: 08.30 – 17.30


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Our aim is to create a motorcycle store that serves every aspect of the motorcycling community, this goal is a continually expansive and creative commitment, and Alba Customs has most assuredly begun a new chapter. As a stand-alone business Alba Customs offers a more traditional experience for the customer, the environment is laid back and the feel is one of quality over quantity.


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